1. The competition is under FINA and FFBN/FRBN rules.
Events are opened to all members of swimming clubs or national and regional FINA affiliated teams.
2. Long course Seraing swimming pool (50mx22,5mx2m) has got eight lanes with anti-waves lane lines and an electronic timing with luminous display.
3. Number of starts is restricted to approximately 2200.
Registration will be closed when the number of individual starts (2200) is reached; it will not be possible to add swimmers to the start list even though the registration deadline has not passed yet.
We will automatically cancel all registrations exceeding the time limits of 5 seconds at the 50 m races, 9 seconds at the 100 m races and 12 seconds at the 200 m races as well as registrations for swimmers without any reference time.
Priority is given to clubs which have sent back in advance their agreement in principle. Deadline : 31th January 2019.
The arrival order of the definitive registration form will be taken in account.
Times indicated on the registration form will seed the swimmers for heats, irrespective of age groups.
4. The four age groups are :
- Young 3 : girls and boys born in 2008 and 2007.
- Young 2 : girls and boys born in 2006 and 2005.
- Young 1 : girls and boys born in 2004 and 2003.
- Open : women and men born in 2002 and before.
The Young 3 swimmers may be registered for : 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly, 100m Breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley events. For each of these strokes, the eight best times at the end of the heats will share in the age group Final.
The Young 2, Young 1 and Open swimmers may be registered for all meeting' strokes.
The 8 best times at the end of the heats will share in the age group Final.
200M Butterfly competitors will be directly ranked (no final).
5. For each age group, if the number of participants is included between 1 and 8, only Final wil be swum (no heats).
6. The disclaimer of a Final must exclusively be set down in writing to the secretariat, 15 minutes after the end of the session, at the latest.
Otherwise, a 50 - euro. penalty will be dunned for a non-attendance at a Final.
7. Individual prizes
A medal will reward the first 3 of each Final.
By age group, according to their Final classification, swimmers will collect points :
1 : 25 points
2 : 15 points
3 : 10 points
4 : 6 points

5 : 4 point
At the end of the event, a swimmer's classifcation will be made for each age group.

One Prize Money will reward the fastest 3 swimmers of the Young 3 age group :
1. 75 - Euro.
2. 40 - Euro.
3. 20 - Euro.
One Prize Money will reward the fastest 3 swimmers of the Young 2 age group :
1. 100 - Euro.
2. 50 - Euro.
3. 25 - Euro.
One Prize Money will reward the fastest 3 swimmers of the Young 1 age group :
1. 200 - Euro.
2. 100 - Euro.
3. 50 - Euro.
One Prize Money will reward the fastest 3 swimmers of the Open age group :
1. 400 - Euro.
2. 200 - Euro.
3. 100 - Euro.

8. Meeting Record
At the end of the heats or finals, Prize Money will reward the swimmer who overcome a meeeting record.
9. Registration fees
The registration fees are 9.00 - euro a race. At the end of the event, 2.00 - euro will be paied back for an overcome time limit.
The registration fees have to be banked before 1th March 2019 with «Grand Prix 2019» reference to
IBAN.BE85 1270.6152.2806 BIC.CTBKBEBX) - Ecole Seraing Natation.
The « sheet » or e-form reception deadline is 1th March 2019.
The address is :
for « sheet » version
      Ecole Seraing Natation
      Piscine Olympique
      Avenue des Puddleurs, 53
      Fax : +32 (0)4 337 82 98
for e-mail (XLS, LXF, DSV)
     Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.
10. The foreign clubs have to bring at least one official.
For Belgian clubs, the officials number will be induced by FFBN and VZF rules.
11. In case of technical or schedule difficulties, the organizer will be justified in changing the programm and in restricting the number of participants for some races, should the occasion arise.
12. Possible complaint or claim will only be under French language rules.


Friday 22-3
Saturday 23-3
• Saturday Finals 23-3
Sunday 24-3
• Sunday Finals 24-3

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